You can't ever have enough new music


Aldeburgh TeamThat is probably the closest thing to a mission statement you will ever hear from us. We are a Not-For-Profit partnership built upon relationships, not ideologies - the sort of creative, encouraging relationships from which some of that new music will, we hope, prosper and flourish.

Purple Music (Suffolk) LLP operates on a project-by-project basis as an artistic co-operative (often under the name "Purple Moments"), pooling our skills and experience as a way of ensuring that our projects are innovative and accessible. Each Partner and co-op member, as an individual artist and entrepreneur, can also expect to benefit mutually, through collaboration, in the attainment of their professional goals.

Our primary aims are:

  • Providing project management support to the composer entrepreneurs we work with - taking risks and experimenting with new ideas through seeking commissions for new musical works, and devising and delivering new music projects - adding to the body of exciting new compositions being performed in the UK today.
  • Promoting and managing concerts, events and other types of performances in accessible venues.
  • Celebrating diversity through facilitating as wide as possible participation in and enjoyment of music arts, irrespective of audience social and cultural background, through combining our projects with community, outreach and educational activities.

We seek to achieve these aims through our on-going programme of individual financially ring-fenced artist-driven projects, and through partnership with other organisations and individuals based on the co-operative movement principles of shared democratic ownership and mutual benefit.


We are proud to have worked in partnership with a variety of artists and organisations, including: